Unani Medicine List in India

Unani Medicine List in India

Unani Medicine List in India - Traditional medicine known as Unani medicine is used in Middle East and South Asian countries. It refers to a school of Graeco-Arabic medicine founded in the Middle Ages by Arabic and Persian doctors such as Raz, Avicenna, al-Zahrawi, and Ibn Nafis. It is based on the teachings of the Greek physician Hippocrates and the Roman physician Galen. In this post, we will talk about Unani Medicine List in India.

Unani medicine is a holistic medical system that carefully addresses many health and disease conditions. It provides health care that is promotive, preventive, and curative. About a thousand years ago, the Greeks brought the production system to India, where it eventually became indigenous. Maintaining good health and preventing disease depend on six basic elements. These include access to air, water, and food. Unani medicine is made from natural ingredients so it has beneficial effects on your health.

Unani Medicine Market in India

Unani medicines have become more effective by incorporating best practices from modern traditional medical systems in India, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Persia, China, and other Middle Eastern countries. The Arabs brought Unani medicine to India, where it soon established itself. The Sultans of Delhi patronised Greek scholars and employed some of them as state servants and court physicians. After independence, the national government and its people supported the Unani system and other Indian systems of medicine, giving them a new lease on life.

The Government of India took several steps to advance the system as a whole. It made laws to regulate and run its educational and training programs. This has led to the development of testing facilities, research institutes, and uniform laws for both drug production and its use. Today, the Unani system of medicine with its prestigious doctors, hospitals, and teaching and research institutions is an important component of the country's healthcare delivery system.

Top Benefits of Unani Medicines

It is a natural method of healing, and in the past, people relied on it to fight diseases. The benefits of using Unani Medicine List in India below - 

  • Firstly, Unani medicines are extremely effective in treating skin ailments like leucoderma.
  • Asthma, joint problems, urinary disorders, abdominal distension, cardiac delirium, and mental disturbance are some of the chronic conditions it effectively treats.
  • Third, AIDS treatment is guaranteed to work in Unani medicine.
  • Along with this, the patient with diabetes will also benefit from it. These drugs have the potential to reverse diabetes if used in the early stages of the disease.

Unani Medicine Product List | Unani Medicine Manufacture Company

One of the top producers of Unani medicines in India, Care Botanicals has the best selection in the market. Additionally, we are constantly developing a quality approach to the production of pharmaceuticals at our facility. As we manufacture the highest quality Ayurvedic medicines, we also manufacture a wide range of beauty, personal care, and other healthcare products. Our medical line is ISO 9001:2008, GMP approved by government organisations like WHO and FSSAI as well as the Ministry of AYUSH. Additionally, all of our goods are made in-house in our production facility using only the purest and most natural ingredients.

There are undoubtedly many Unani businesses in India as the country is the source of many beneficial Ayurvedic herbs. Hence, to help you identify the best one, we have included the top Unani Medicines List in India below.

  • Unani Herbal Hair Oil
  • Herbal Unani Liver Tonic
  • Neem Karela Jamun Giloy
  • Aloe vera with wheatgrass
  • Eco Giloy Vati
  • Red net
  • Root
  • Pain-X Balm
  • Dizzime Drops
  • Buds Baby Oil
  • Care's Ashwagandha
  • Oradent Toothpaste

Why choose Care Botanicals for Unani Medicine List in India?

We are well established in the Indian Ayurvedic market. Care Botanicals was established as the sole manufacturer of Unani medicines using traditional science. We want to provide more opportunities for the Ayurvedic/Unani medicine list in India, which includes PCD Franchise, Pharma Franchise, Contract Manufacturing, and Third Party Manufacturing. Hence you can connect with us for instant delivery of our top selection of medicines. The following reasons explain why we are a top business:

  • Many Ayurveda and Unani medicines have been certified by GMP-GLP, ISO 9001:2008, WHO, FSSAI, DCGI, and the Ministry of AYUSH.
  • For the purpose of having a huge product quantity, we have our own huge warehouse.
  • Additionally, we deliver all our packages on time.
  • Last but not the least, we provide free samples of our medicine to the customers.

So, get in touch with the top Unani medicine company in India. Also, get many benefits in the Ayurvedic market.

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Phone: +91 9357005353

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