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Ayurvedic Energy Drinks PCD Company in India – Being a great source of energy, Ayurvedic energy drinks provides many added health benefits along with providing the organic boost of energy. Well, you can gain more harm than good if you are taking energy drinks that are loaded with chemicals and artificial ingredients. This can also make your condition worse than it was. Well as the need for Ayurvedic Energy drinks is increasing day by day and so is with the ayurvedic energy drinks PCD Companies. To know about the best Ayurvedic Energy Drinks PCD Company In India, read the full blog.

The consumption of ayurvedic herbs and spices was one of the biggest reasons our ancestors has a very strong immunity. They were not like us, dependent on the vibrant tablets. These natural and ayurvedic herbs and spices are still consumed for the numerous health benefits they have to offer and have been in use for centuries. Many beverages and energy drinks that claim to boost your physical energy and brainpower are manufactured every year and a lot of money is spent each year on their manufacturing.

Care Botanicals | Top Ayurvedic Energy Drinks PCD Company in India

Established in the year 2009, Care Botanicals is also one of the best Ayurvedic Energy Drinks PCD Company in India one can go for. The company is one of the reputed traders and wholesalers of an extensive array of pharmaceutical Medicine. Pharmaceutical Syrup, Pharmaceutical Suspension, etc are primarily included in our product list. For treating the products as per the global quality standards we make use of advanced machinery and innovative technology. We deliver all our product range within the specified time frame as we are backed by a state-of-the-art infrastructural base that is fully furnished with innovative technology and the required testing unit.

Being divided into several departments, our infrastructure is capaciously developed. The use of our medicines makes no harm to the body as we are experts in delivering safe products and Medicines help in curing the disease to the core as well. For successfully achieving the bulk demands of clients within the committed time frame, the latest machines and technically excellent equipment have been established in these departments at the end of the vendor. In the upgradation and the timely delivery of the products, skilled pharmacists, microbiologists, research scholars, and other experts work well.

Ayurvedic Energy Drinks Range Offered By Care Botanicals In India

Care Botanicals offers a vast and highly effective range of Ayurvedic Energy Drinks that too at the best affordable prices. Here is the list of the Ayurvedic Energy Drinks Range Offered by Care Botanicals:

  • REROOT (ORANGE FLAVOUR) – It is an ELECTROLYTE BALANCING ENERGY DRINK. When the body due to loose motion and vomiting loses the electrolyte these energy drinks maintain the electrolyte level well. It comes in orange flavor.
  • REROOT (APPLE FLAVOUR) - It is an electro LYTE BALANCING ENERGY DRINK. when due to Vomiting or loose motion the body loses the electrolytes then these energy drinks help in maintaining the level of the electrolytes. It comes in apple flavor.

Both the energy drinks are made from the pure herbs of Ayurveda and contain natural flavors and hence are safe to consume as well. Also, the best thing to note about these energy drinks is that they are all safe and highly effective as well.

Why Choose Care Botanicals as the best Ayurvedic Energy Drinks PCD Company in India?

  • There are strict screening parameters for all our products to be screened.
  • Each step is carefully supervised by the quality management team.
  • Screening elements such as pH value, side effects, effectiveness, freshness, and purity, etc are taken care of.

Services Offered by the Care Botanicals as ‘Best Ayurvedic Energy Drinks Manufacturing Company”

All across the country. Care Botanicals is the best third manufacturing company, providing its services. We offer so many different ranges and services to our clients:

  • We provide high-quality products with the best design and packaging material.
  • We assure you 100% the best quality products with innovative compositions.
  • We deliver all the stock to our customers and clients that is well sanitized and all safe
  • Our company also provides help in the trademark and drug registration of the formulations.

Contact Details

  • Address: Plot No. 11-12, Dainik Bhaskar Building, Sector 25-D, Chandigarh - 160014, India
  • Telephone Number - 9357005353/8699910268
  • Email Address - ordersyntonix@gmail.com

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